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  The Mayor's Column


In these extraordinary Covid 19 times, we’re all getting used to the new normal. Like you, I’ve been finding my way through, keeping in touch with family and friends via my tablet  and phone, meeting people via Zoom and FaceTime, staying at home as much as possible and exercising locally in our lovely parks and beauty spots, which, thank goodness,  we’re blessed with so many of here in Hyndburn.

Another unusual by-product of the disruption caused by the pandemic is that I’ll now serve another term as Mayor. Traditionally the Mayor serves one term and hands over to the new Mayor in a Mayor Making Ceremony in May. However, due to Covid 19, the meeting has been cancelled and so I’ll continue as Mayor for another year.  It’s a great honour and privilege to serve as Mayor and I’m more than happy to continue to serve the Borough  during these difficult times and can assure you that I’ll continue to give it my all.

I’ve always known Hyndburn people are kind and generous, but this has been even more evident than ever during the pandemic, when so many people have stepped up to volunteer their services to help others in the need in their community.

 A great example of this is the Hyndburn Hub, which now encompasses over 40 organisations and groups and has provided over 90,000 meals and supported thousands of people in our community.  My thanks also goes to all those working and volunteering for the Hub, you are making such a huge difference to the Hyndburn community.

Armed Forces Day is approaching on 27th June and Hyndburn Council will fly the flag to show support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces Community.

Armed Forces Day is our chance to show our support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community, from currently serving troops to Service families, veterans and cadets. Although this year due to Covid 19 there won’t be any of the usual events, we will fly the Armed Forces Day flag proudly in Hyndburn to salute them.

And finally, I know many people have been deeply affected by the loss of a loved one and are worried about your families health and wellbeing during the pandemic. My heart goes out to you, and like you all, I can’t wait to give my children and grandchildren a hug, but know we must all stick to the guidelines as lockdown eases to keep the R number down and prevent another spike of this dreadful disease.

I’m proud to represent our strong Hyndburn community for another year, its been wonderful to see how we’ve all come together to meet the crisis head on and know that this unity will continue as we work through the next phases of recovery and rebuilding after Coronavirus has gone.

Once again, I don't think we can say this enough, a massive heartfelt thanks to all our fantastic NHS staff and all key workers, including our own wonderful waste crews. Hats of to you all for carrying on delivering essential services during this crisis, we are all so grateful for all that you do.

Keep safe and well and if you need the support of the Hyndburn Hub email enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk or call 01254 388 111.



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