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Two businesses have been set up in the part of the Haworth Art Gallery complex that used to house the stables, motor house and potting shed and seem to be doing very well.


First I spoke to Donna McKno who runs “Dotty Art” She works alongside artists in the old stables. The building is very well lit and although the stable stalls are still there, the horses have been replaced with desks and easels.

Dotty Art is the application of dots and the manipulation of colours which is based on the art form of pointillism. Donna works with acrylic paints and applies the art to many different surfaces including wood and canvas but also less common ones too. Donna just applied her art to a vacuum cleaner for instance.

I asked her when all this started. She told me:

“It came from experimentation 15 years ago and I’ve done it ever since.”

Donna didn’t want to dwell on the commercial side of her business though. She told me:

“I want to emphathise the fact that this is also very therapeutic.  I have done ladies nights but also worked very successfully with people with ADHD, OCD and Behavioural Problems.”

Dotty Art is not confined to people with mental health issues and Donna’s classes are open to anyone from the age of six upwards.
Donna set up the interview which included the owners of the second business on the premises. The three ladies are firm friends and were kind enough to give up a little time to talk with me.

© Peter Jones 2017


“The Art Garden” is housed in the old potting shed near the entrance to the stables and is the domain of Rebekah Carter and Louise Duxbury. Louise told me:

“The idea started when I was at Uni. I was studying fashion and there was a business module where you had to set up a hypothetical business. Originally it started as a party idea doing fashion parties and art parties, and then it evolved into an idea for an art studio.”

When she left university Louise had a gap year and the idea wouldn’t go away so she rented a space in St James’s old school building in Accrington which she built up over a year. Then she saw an advert for the space at Haworth Art Gallery and along with Rebekah, whom she had known years ago she set up her business.


Rebekah told me:

“We cater for children from as young as six months and I’m here during the week doing sessions and at weekend too.”
The sessions cost £6 per child and the parties start at £8. The Art Studio is very light and airy and lends itself perfectly to the colourful activities that go on there.

Louise juggles her work at the studio with alternative therapy sessions at East Lancashire Hospice during the week so it’s a busy life.

© Peter Jones 2017


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Hyndburn Ramblers September 2017 Walking Programme 

3rd September Coach Ramble to Ilkley. A choice of various walks. Booking essential.

10th September 9.00 Start Hareden Grade B 11 Miles.

17th September 9.30 Start Worth Valley Grade B 10 Miles.

24th September 9.00 Start Haggate  Grade B 10 Miles.

All walks execept the coach rambles start at Plantation Street car Park Accrington at times stated above.

Wednesday walks take place throughout the year leaving Plantation Street car park at 9.30 am. A choice of two walks grade A and B destination decided the week before.

Wednesday walks Alan Bennett 07821 412331 A ll other enquires Nigel Brooke 01254 887750.




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