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Dog Competition



The time has come to cast your vote. Please do not send any more entries now as the entry date has elapsed. We would like you to take a look at the pictures of our 20 dogs below and make your choice as to which you think desrves to go away with this year's title and a chance to win one of two prizes. You have until midnight on May 10th to cast your vote. Please do not vote for you own dog and that goes for anyone living in the same household as the dog in question. Only one vote per household please. Any breaking of thse rules will result in your vote being voided.Send your votes to acornnewsinfo@gmail.com or peterjones040@gmail.com Good luck!!





Rey                                                              Obie


Myla                                                                                                                          Bryn

Ruby                                                                                                   Freddie

Tyson                                                                                              Nellie

Bear                                                                        Margot

Pablo                                                                          Kobe

Inca                                                                                    Tillie

Max                                                          Poppy

Jasmine                                                                          Frank

Archie                                                                           Rupert


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